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3B9C Dxpedition to Rodrigues Island, 2003
Friday, Dec. 24, 2004

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3B9C EME on 70cm - World First
SPECIAL UPDATE -  Wednesday 31, March 2004 UPDATE INDEX

World First 70cm EME, 3B9C & HB9Q
Today, at 1200z, history was made on the amateur bands.

In a world first, a major DXpedition has worked 70cm EME - bouncing signals off the moon from Rodrigues Island.
Picture: Dave, G4FRE (left) and David G0MRF, during the QSO

The QSO took place between 3B9C and HB9Q, using CW and worked first time.

At the 3B9C end, the set up was modest. Using four stacked 70cm yagis pointed at the moon. HB9Q was running a 15m dish.

The 3B9C 70cm EME antennasThe team of Dave, G4FRE and David G0MRF arrived on Rodrigues less than 24 hours before the QSO was made. After some sleep, they started work on the 70cm antennas and equipment. Everything was completed less than 30 minutes before the QSO.

At this point, they were interrupted for a team photograph, loosing the 30 minutes. Coming back to the shack, the QSO with HB9Q started immediately.

The team has a number of other 70cm skeds with several countries and will continue to work the band as conditions permit.

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