Kit of parts for the 300 Watt class D Amplifier for 630m.

When this design was first published on the site in September 2016, I made the PCB available and to make component gathering a little easier,  I also produced a kit of the smaller fixed resistors  and the 3C90 toroids used in the project.
However, I've continued to receive requests to supply a full kit of parts. Finally, I have been convinced and can now supply all the parts as a  kit.

The kit contains all the parts listed in the component list together with some added hardware for mounting the transistors and the power resistors to a heatsink.  Lengths of wire are included for all the inductors and transformer along with a length of twisted pair for the directional coupler. The additional components are:

4 x M3 screws with nuts and spring washers
2 x TO247  'silicon' insulating washers for mounting the MOSFETs
1 x short length of RG58. The inner is used for the primary of T2
2 x  Broadcom low current LEDs for the protection circuits (listed in the component list but mounted off-board)

I have made 2 substitutions:  C15, originally specified as a silver mica capacitor has been swapped for a Murata 2kV 47pF ceramic. C16 as supplied is 2700pF

The kit contents can be seen below.  Please note that no enclosure, meters, connectors or power supplies are included.


The cost of the kit when shipped to the UK is 69 + 3 post and packing. ( Just under 600 grams )

For European orders via Paypal, the cost of the kit is 87 Euros + 8 Euros for standard airmail shipping. 

For the USA, it will be cheaper to order a PCB from me and remaining parts from Digikey as we poor Europeans have 20% local "Value added tax".added to all our orders.  However, if your time is valuable and you really don't want to enter all those tedious part numbers online, I will be happy to ship a kit to you and accept payment via Paypal in Dollars

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