How about a look at other Amateur Radio Web Sites.

Here are several sites from individuals and commercial organisations with lots of good information.

Dave  G3YXM         800 W or 300 portable? circuits, stories 'The Matrix and activity news
Steve  GW4ALG    400 Watts on LF and holder of many firsts from Wales
Mike  G3XDV        Who's worked whom - check it out on Mike's site
Dave G3YMC         136k info. Lots of loop antenna details
Amsat                      News, Photos sales and satellite links everywhere.
RSGB                     UK National Society. Up to the minute news + events
Martin Lynch           Can't build it? Then buy it from Martin.  Look for the
                               offers on new and used radio gear here.
Down East  Microwave  New Jersey USA.   Microwave transverters, receivers, amplifiers etc  50MHz to 10GHz. Surplus equipment too!
Surrey Satellite  Technology  Off to the moon and maybe Mars. Check out the plans of this successful      business based at Surrey University
SM6LKM                Johan's site has lots of LF projects from H mode mixers to a DDS signal source
International Rectifier.   Data and applications for Power FETs
Geri  DK8KW      With more calls than a small DXCC country, Geri's exploits make interesting reading
Amrad                   Amateur radio research and development
Richard Horne       Download Spectrogram for your PC.
NASA                  For all things 'Space'   Shuttles, Mars landers, video clips etc.
ESA                      European Space Agency.
Lasers                    Need to buy a laserpointer?